'..to reclaim the high ground of inspiring anthropology.' - Mark R. Sunwall

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<blockquote>'Thinkers subsequent to Mises have uncovered more evidence that psychology, in the sense of thymology, has a long prehistory which antedates the historical rupture premised by positivism. In fact, psychology/thymology has always been an integral part of the philosophia perrenis, the humane tradition which stretches back to the high middle ages at the very latest.


..to reclaim the high ground of inspiring anthropology.


..it will have been worth it if we can show that the sort of ‘literary psychology’, or thymology, which Mises advocated, a non-deterministic psychology which put the onus of moral responsibility on fallible human agents, was already in place by the beginning of the 17th century. However it soon went into eclipse under successive waves of Cartesianism, materialism, and positivism.'

- Mark R. Sunwall, In the Praenumbra of Praxiology: Towards a Thymology of Tyranny based on the Psychology of Hegemonic Bonds (pdf (Working paper))</blockquote>