In The Electric Universe a Future of Peace and Love

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'Mozi believed in love for all mankind.'

- 'His passion was said to be for the good of the people..'

(Dutch)'..Daarom kent de liefde - als Eros - geen taboe.'

– Frans Veldman

'..the study of the spontaneous processes of social cooperation..'

– Jesús Huerta de Soto (Learning - Spontaneous, Complexity, Electricity - The Unique Individual)

'..Only through actions, taking place in time and space, can an objective — intersubjectively ascertainable — link be established between a particular person and a particular good..'

– Hans-Hermann Hoppe, The Rationale for Total Privatization

*** Context 'The Ethics..' - '..ethics in particular .. absolute principle of ethics..' - '..the care of souls.'

- Libertarian Economic Model - Mike "Mish" Shedlock (Should Banks Lend Money At All?)

- '..to reclaim the high ground of inspiring anthropology.' - Mark R. Sunwall

- 'If the human striving for freedom is ever to be realized..' - Robert P. Murphy

- Logic - 'Advance .. by building on the foundations laid by our predecessors...'

- Economic Recessions, Banking Reform, and the Future of Capitalism - Jesús Huerta de Soto

- 'A judgment of value .. a man's affective response to definite conditions of the universe..' - Ludwig von Mises

- '..there are no maximum or minimum sizes for stars.' - Mel Acheson

- 'Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.' - Theodore Roosevelt

*** '.."Equality" meant that each person has the right to be equally free and independent..'

'Furthermore, the term "equality," as used by Jefferson and Jeffersonians, was employed in the same sense as Jefferson’s friend and colleague George Mason used when he framed the Virginia Declaration of Rights shortly before Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence:

"that all men are by nature equally free and independent." In other words, "equality" did not then mean what we often mean by equality now: equality of condition or uniformity. "Equality" meant that each person has the right to be equally free and independent, to enjoy the right to "equal liberty," as Herbert Spencer would phrase it a century later. In other words, again what I am saying is that the Jeffersonian wing of the Founding Fathers was essentially free-market, laissez-faire capitalists.


..So the question then becomes: what kind of greed are we going to have, "productive greed," where people produce and voluntarily exchange their products with others? Or exploitative greed, organized robbery and predation, where you achieve your wealth at the expense of others? These are the two real alternatives.

Returning to the state and taxation, I would point out incidentally that Saint Augustine, who is not famous for being a libertarian, did however set forth an excellent libertarian parable. He wrote that Alexander the Great had seized some pirate, and asked the pirate what he meant by seizing possession of the sea. And the pirate boldly replied: "What you mean by seizing the whole earth; but because I do it with a little ship, I am called a robber, while you, because you do it with a great fleet are called an emperor." Here Augustine highlights the fact that the state is simply robbery writ large, on an enormous scale, but robbery legitimated by intellectual opinion.


..Decentralization; community control; attack on Leviathan government, on bureaucracy, on government interference with each person’s life; attack on the state-ridden educational system; criticism of unionism, which is tied up with the state; opposition to militarism, war, imperialism, and conscription; all these things that the Left is now beginning to see, is precisely what we "extreme Right-Wingers" have been saying all along. And, as far as "decentralization" goes, there is nothing that is so decentralized as the free market, and perhaps this too will come to the attention of the public.


..And it is now becoming evident that the Keynesian policies only succeeded in bringing us to the present impasse of inflation-cum-recession, and that our Olympian economists have no way of getting out of the present mess at all, except to cross their fingers and their econometric models and pray. And, of course, we can look forward to another balance-of-payments crisis in a couple of years, another episode of inflationary crisis in a couple of years, another episode of gold-outflow hysteria.

Thus, we have a lot of crises looming in America, some on their way, others imminent or already here. All of these crises are the products of intervention, and none of them can really be solved by more intervention.


..Free-market capitalism, the victory of social power and the economic means, is not only the only moral and by far the most productive system; it has become the only viable system for mankind in the industrial era. Its eventual triumph is therefore virtually inevitable.'

- Murray N. Rothbard, A Future of Peace and Capitalism

'..a positively charged electric Sun.'

'In an Electric Universe, plasma discharge behavior is a better model for solar activity. Laboratory experiments with a positively charged sphere show that a plasma torus forms above its equator. Electric discharges bridge the torus with the middle and lower latitudes of the sphere. Spicules are consistent with the principle of "anode tufting," a plasma discharge effect expected of a positively charged electric Sun.'

- Stephen Smith, Solar Lightning, Mar 04, 2011

(Galactic) - 'Electric power flows .. has been replicated in the laboratory..'

'Electric power flows along the spiral arms of a galactic circuit where it is concentrated and stored in a central plasmoid within the galactic bulge. When the current density reaches a critical threshold, it discharges along the galaxy’s spin axis as an energetic jet of plasma. That phenomenon has been replicated in the laboratory with a plasma focus device.'

- Stephen Smith, Double Layer Acceleration, Mar 01, 2011

'If profit is abolished, chaos results .. enjoyment of any kind can amount to profit.'

– Ludwig von Mises (Source)

- Bazaarmodel -