(Affectivity) '..deontology and ethics should have a preponderant place..'

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'Violence, acts of terrorism, drug abuse, have also shown an alarming progression since the last world war and are radically changing the aspect of the human world. These evils have immense repercussions and incalculable consequences for humanity.

It is precisely under the influence of the perverse and ruthless terror of the Nazis during the Second World War that Haptonomy was born. Under such distressing and inhuman conditions I discovered the great importance of affectivity in human contacts, interactions and relationships, and it gave me the idea of providing convincing and indubitable proof of the need for existential affective confirmation right from the beginning of life, that is, from the conception of a human being.


Fortunately, we can at present note a definite growth of consciousness, shown among others by professor B. Glorion, in his editorial of the Bulletin of the French Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins, in March 1993, in which he calls for a more human training which will enable “future doctors to be aware of a much more comprehensive approach to man as an individual in the midst of a Society in movement”.

He also adds that “deontology and ethics should have a preponderant place in this programme.” Finally, he specifies: “Doctors should have a thorough knowledge of two languages, that of science and technique and that of the heart and soul.”

This converges with the ideas that are the very principal of haptonomic science.

- Frans Veldman, Confirming Affectivity, the Dawn of Human Life, 2001 (Haptonomy)

'Ethics is the primary.'

- Murray N. Rothbard, 'The Myth of Efficiency'


Menger's Discovery of the Self