'..water has electrical, plasmalike qualities..'

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'Astronomer Halton Arp, known to all who've followed the progress of the Electric Universe movement, will receive the annual Sagnac Award for lifetime achievement in astronomy and cosmology.

Dr. Arp's colleague, David Russell, will present a milestone paper updating issues of “discordant redshift,” where distances can be calculated independently from redshift. The distinguished expert on structured water, Gerald Pollack, of the University of Washington, will speak on “The Secret Life of Water” (Perhaps you didn't know that water has electrical, plasmalike qualities?)'

- The NPA welcomes the Electric Universe at its 18th Annual Conference, (July 6-9, 2011, University of Maryland)


(The Electric) '..universe is an unending transformation in flux...'

'..ignoring the fruits of 150 or so years of electrical science.' - Donald E. Scott