'..economics .. the logic they express.' - Paul Krugman

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<blockquote>'For proponents of the Austrian theory, Krugman's Pop Internationalism is welcome relief from the "vulgar Keynesianism" that fills his New York Times column. Despite the book's flaws, Krugman does a great job at dismissing unfounded fears about free trade. In the end, he even provides a quasi endorsement of Misesian praxeology and logical deduction:

<blockquote> But economics is not a dismal science because the economists like it that way; it is because in the end we must submit to the tyranny not just of the numbers, but of the logic they express.</blockquote>

If only every New York Times columnist took Krugman's advice — including himself.'

- James E. Miller, The Good Krugman, May 23, 2011</blockquote>


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