(Nuclear power) - 'We’ve closed that chapter' - Electric is the way ('..an all-electric car..')

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<blockquote>'[Nuclear power;] we’ve closed that chapter.'

- Chief Executive Officer Peter Loescher (Siemens Buries Nuclear Return as Germany Pulls Atomic-Power Plug, September 18, 2011)</blockquote>

'..renewable energy unit .. had the strongest growth..

<blockquote>'Siemens said last year that its renewable energy unit — which is part of its environmental technologies division — had the strongest growth of any of its lines of business.'

- Judy Dempsey, Siemens Abandoning Nuclear Power Business, September 18, 2011</blockquote>

Context '..all-electric..' - ..in the Electric Universe - Production of..

<blockquote>'As an all-electric car, the Nissan Leaf produces no tailpipe pollution or greenhouse gas emissions at the point of operation, and reduces dependence on petroleum.' - Wikipedia, Nissan Leaf

(During the reorganization) - Trade: Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Italy

'..Germany's future energy production away from nuclear .. solar-power generation.'

'..a product of human thought..'

' ..real economic and social problems..'

'..interest rates .. capital structure..'</blockquote>