'Ireland .. debt relief..' - '..looking at ways to reduce the debt..'

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<blockquote>'We are looking at ways to reduce the debt. We would like to see our European colleagues address this in a positive manner. Wherever there is a reckless borrower, there is also a reckless lender.'

- Michael Noonan (Irish finance minister 'alluding to German, French, British and Dutch banks.')</blockquote>

<blockquote>'Ireland .. debt relief .. the EU creditor states [should] agree to share more of the pain.'

- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (Source, 23 Nov 2011)</blockquote>

Context '..theoretical and legal principles .. credit and .. 'casino' banking unit could be sold.'

<blockquote>Banking Reform '..the essential theoretical and legal principles associated with money, bank credit, and economic cycles..' - Jesús Huerta de Soto

Paul Volcker asked about the Austrian school of Economics. '..credit creation .. a sense of easy credit and no problems..' - Paul Volcker (2010)

RBS chief Stephen Hester says 'casino' banking unit could be sold</blockquote>