(The Electric Universe) - 'The Electric Sun is increasingly vindicated with each new piece of data NASA releases.' - Prof. Donald E. Scott

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<blockquote>'Seems Voyager 1 has been able to supply us with more accurate data to enable new calculations of the Solar Electron Flux<sup>[1]</sup>.

In the late 1970’s Ralph Juergens investigated how (or whether) the Sun could be obtaining its energy via an externally supplied flow of electrical power<sup>[2]</sup>. Now, in late 2011, we find that, because of data just recovered by the Voyager I space probe, Juergens’ estimate of the number of available incoming electrons was far too conservative. Either that, or his initial estimate of the Sun’s required cathode drop (voltage) was far too high.


A standard (hackneyed) criticism from skeptics of Juergens’ Electric Star hypothesis has always been, “where are all the necessary incoming electrons?” It appears NASA is in the process of finding them. Perhaps we could issue a press release of our own entitled “Dark Electrons Found by NASA.”

The Electric Sun is increasingly vindicated with each new piece of data NASA releases.'

- Donald E. Scott, Voyager 1 Updates Solar Electron Flux, December 8, 2011

1. From Appendix C of The Electric Sky, Scott, D.E., Mikamar 2006.
2. Available: http://www.kronos-press.com/juergens/k0801-electric-i.htm
and http://www.kronos-press.com/juergens/k0802-electric-ii.htm
or http://www.kronos-press.com/juergens/1982-electric-solar-energy-juergens.pdf</blockquote>


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