The Electric Universe - '..a new way of interpreting known data..' - '..electric charge flow through a galaxy..'

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'..a new way of interpreting known data by using both new and well-established knowledge relating to electricity and plasma..'

<blockquote>'..the so-called Electric Universe is really just an hypothesis, a new way of interpreting known data by using both new and well-established knowledge relating to electricity and plasma. It should be emphasised immediately that, in this new interpretation, gravity still has a role to play but it is a secondary one since the electric force is so much more powerful. A major point to be stressed from the outset is that, in this interpretation of astronomical phenomena, scientists are able to call on evidence from laboratory based experiments to help form and support suggested explanations for a wide variety of phenomena. It has been found that, as explained in more detail in the above-mentioned books, a plasma in a laboratory is a good model for providing possible explanations for many recently observed astronomical phenomena which, in several cases, have puzzled astronomers seeking explanations via more usual routes. This is not to say that gravity is ignored and regarded as irrelevant; rather, the possible effects of the electromagnetic force on astronomical phenomena are investigated while still recognising the importance of gravitational effects. In the electric universe, the gravitational systems of galaxies, stars, moons and planets are felt to have their origins in the proven ability of electricity to generate both structure and rotation in plasma. It is felt further that the force of gravity assumes importance only as the electromagnetic forces approach equilibrium. As has been noted already, great consternation has been caused in astronomical circles by the realisation that gravity, as presently understood, cannot explain much that is observed if the amount of mass available is as now felt to be present. Hence, instead of positing the existence of ‘dark matter’ or following the path of modifying Newton’s well-tried law of gravitation significantly, it is suggested here that the effects of the electromagnetic force be examined to see if, in conjunction with orthodox ideas on gravity, these puzzling observations can be explained. However, returning to the realisation that much of the matter permeating the Universe is in the form of plasma, it might be remembered that these clouds of plasma respond to the well-known laws of Maxwell..


..it should be noted that nowhere is it being suggested that Newton’s law of gravitation is in error; it is simply being suggested that, in deep space where everything swims in a sea of plasma, the Maxwell – Lorentz electromagnetic forces dominate over those of gravity.'

- Jeremy Dunning-Davies, Plasma Cosmology Demands Proper Consideration, April 3, 2012</blockquote>

'Electric Universe theory postulates that currents of electric charge flow through a galaxy along its polar axis and then out through the spiral arms..'

<blockquote>'The Milky Way is connected to the rest of the Universe.

According to a recent press release, astronomers have found “…evidence for the cosmic thread that connects us to the vast expanse of the Universe.” By examining the positions of dwarf galaxies and globular clusters around our galaxy, astronomers found that they are not randomly distributed, but follow what is called “the Plane of Satellites”.


Electric Universe theory postulates that currents of electric charge flow through a galaxy along its polar axis and then out through the spiral arms. A circuit across the galactic disk divides into upward and downward currents that flow back into the poles. This circuit is driven by Birkeland currents that connect the galaxy with the rest of the Universe. Presumably, billion-light-year long magnetically confined electric filaments transmit power from one end of space to the other.


Conventional viewpoints acknowledge that galaxies form clusters, but it was not until recently that data analysis pointed to those clusters grouping together along vast filaments of “hot gas” that are more than a million degrees Celsius.

The filaments are actually Birkeland currents, perhaps thousands of light years thick and millions of light years long, out of which groups of galaxies are “pinched.” When we acknowledge that redshift is more a measure of youth than the distance of quasars, there is a possibility that the visible Universe is formed from braided filaments passing through the Virgo supercluster to the Fornax supercluster across millions of light years.'

- Stephen Smith, Galactic Umbilicus, April 2, 2012</blockquote>


<blockquote>'..A higher, more comprehensive foundation is needed.'

(Peace) Essential Guide to the Electric Universe by Bob Johnson & Jim Johnson

The Electric Universe - '..electrical explanations..'

'Our ancestors witnessed a cosmic electrical discharge up close.' - Wal Thornhill

Suspending Disbelief - Rens van der Sluijs

(Plasma Universe) - NASA Conference Publication 2469 - Double Layers in Astrophysics</blockquote>