(Open Source) '..the industry said was impossible: selling free software .. freedom and flexibility.'

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<blockquote>'We built a billion-dollar business by doing what the industry said was impossible: selling free software. We’ve never been afraid to try new things or take a chance on a wild idea.

The combination of our unique company culture, the open source approach to software development, and Red Hat’s decision to sell software subscriptions rather than licenses is a business model innovation that continues to drive our success.


While proprietary software companies built their business models around locking in their customers, we worked hard to give ours freedom and flexibility.


Open source is a great way to make better technology faster, so we see a bright future for open source technologies.'

- DeLisa Alexander (Follow Red Hat's Lead to be the Next Billion-Dollar Open Source Company, 24 October 2012)</blockquote>

'..August 16th, 1993. At that time, the whole concept of a 'distribution' of Linux was new..'

<blockquote>'The Debian Project was officially founded by Ian Murdock on August 16th, 1993. At that time, the whole concept of a 'distribution' of Linux was new. Ian intended Debian to be a distribution which would be made openly, in the spirit of Linux and GNU.

- Debian Community celebrates its 19th birthday, August 16th, 2012</blockquote>

Context '..open source organisation..' - Linus Torvalds

<blockquote>(Bazaarmodel) - «esprit incarné» - '..It is impermissible to separate the "mental" or "spiritual" from the "material." '

(Haptonomy) - '..how affectivity shapes the human being in its being and essence throughout life.' - Dr. Catherine Dolto

..bureaucracy - '..our organizations are .. hostages to an ideology that is, in a real sense, inhuman.'

'First, Let's Fire All the Managers' - Gary Hamel

'May sound ideas win the day, and may human society flower again.'

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