(MIX) To Mend the Soul - '..a higher purpose..' - '..to "change the game rules on Earth." '

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'..what your company really needs is a lot more luuuuuv.’

- Dr. Gary Hamel

Mend the Soul

- MIX, Moonshots

'..to permit more information and understanding of who we are and why we are here to come into our lives..'

'A number of my more advanced subjects have stated there is a growing movement in the spirit world to "change the game rules on Earth." These people say their souls had less amnesia about Self and the interlife when they lived in earlier cultures. It seems in the last few thousand years there has been tighter blocking, on a conscious level, of our immortal memories. This has been a contributing factor in the loss of faith in our capacity for self-transcendence. Earth is filled with people who feel an empty hopelessness toward the meaning of life. The lack of connection with our immortality combined with the availability of mind-altering chemicals and overpopulation has created rumbles upstairs. I am told large numbers of souls who have had more frequent incarnations in recent centuries on Earth are opting, when they get the chance, for less stressful worlds. There are enlightened places where amnesia is greatly reduced without causing homesickness for the spirit world. As we approach the next millennium, the masters who direct Earth's destiny appear to be making changes to permit more information and understanding of who we are and why we are here to come into our lives.

Perhaps the most gratifying feature of my work in uncovering the existence of a spirit world in the minds of my subjects is the effect this conscious knowledge has on them. The most significant benefit which comes from knowing we have a home of everlasting love waiting for us, is being receptive to the higher spiritual power within our minds. The awareness that we do belong somewhere is reassuring and offers us peace, not merely as a haven from conflict, but to unify ourselves with a universal mind. One day we are going to finish this long journey-all of us-and reach an ultimate state of enlightenment, where everything is possible.'

- Dr. Michael Newton, Journey of Souls (Destiny of Souls)

Context '..the real weakness and uncertainty of the human species..'

'I think we need an ideological revolution in business.' - Dr. Gary Hamel

(Haptonomy - Affectivity) - Praxeology as the Method of the Social Sciences - (Affective) Phenomenology of the Social World

Dr. Eben Alexander - Proof of Heaven - '..the message is one of love and a compassion..'

(Dutch) Haptopraxeologie: Bazaarmodel - Oostenrijkse School, Haptonomie, Plasma Kosmologie (29 mei, 2011)