Blue Zones - 'Living long and healthy is not mysterious. It is not hard to understand. It is a choice.'

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<blockquote>'They are called blue zones – places in the world where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth. Several of these blue zones exist, and in each of these places people living to 90 or even 100 years is common. And they aren’t just living long either – these people are living healthy – without medication or disability..


Living long and healthy is not mysterious. It is not hard to understand. It is a choice. And sadly most people are choosing wrong. If you are already living the blue zone lifestyle then good for you! Keep on doing it! If you aren’t living the lifestyle, then it is never too late to start. Several studies show that dramatic improvements in longevity and health can return to an individual very soon after correcting a bad lifestyle.


To live long and healthy requires a constant, daily lifestyle of positive enrichment for the body and mind. For many this may seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Find ways to make healthy food taste good. Find ways to make exercise a meaningful part of your daily routine rather than a burdensome chore. Surround yourself with others that share your interest in living a full life that is low in stress, happy, and meaningful. Get plenty of sleep.'

- Blue Zones – Places In the World Where People Live to 100 and Stay Healthy, July 20, 2009</blockquote>


<blockquote>Blue Zones

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