(The Emerging Science of Consciousness) - The Science of the Mind Body connection

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<blockquote>'How our genes getting expressed..'

- Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn (<a href="[www.youtube.com] 47:21</a>)

'Mind body medicine .. the power of the mind to alter the body.'

- Steve Paulson (<a href="[www.youtube.com] 44:33</a>)</blockquote>

Context '..“consciousness in action,”..' - ‘For it is through actions that the mind and reality make contact.’

<blockquote>'..the praxeological element in social phenomena will help to explain why it so long succeeded in eluding the attention of so many brilliant thinkers..'

- Israel M. Kirzner, <a href="[oll.libertyfund.org]: Economics as a Science of Human Action</a>

"Human action is a manifestation of the mind." - Ludwig von Mises

((Hapto)praxeology) - '..human personality .. cannot be satisfactorily explained by genetics, environmental influences, or a combination of these.' - Dr. Ian Stevenson

Mario Beauregard, Ph.D.