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<blockquote>'The International Journal of Haptonomy and Haptotherapy is an independent peer-reviewed multidisciplinary academic open-acces e-journal, published with the Scientific Council of the Association of Haptotherapists in the Netherlands. It welcomes academic papers, articles and reviews on theories and practices of haptonomy, particularly haptotherapy.'

- The International Journal of Haptonomy and Haptotherapy</blockquote>

Context 'A judgment of value .. a man's affective response to definite conditions of the universe..' - Ludwig von Mises

<blockquote>'The Management Moonshots are the heart and soul of the MIX — a roster of make-or-break challenges designed to focus the energies of management innovators everywhere. They emerged in response to a simple but profoundly urgent question: What needs to be done to create organizations that are fit for the future?'

- MIX Moonshots

'..our organizations are .. hostages to an ideology that is, in a real sense, inhuman.'

(Open Source Medication) - To Heal - '..energy is critical to an understanding of how your cells work.'

(Bazaarmodel) - «esprit incarné» - '..It is impermissible to separate the "mental" or "spiritual" from the "material." '

‘..where we learn the Art of Being Human’</blockquote>