'..[Andrei Piontkovsky] says Putin will not stop at Ukraine..'

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'Dann Fahrt in die Oblast Lugansk . Wir erfahren, was der reale Zustand ist. Die Stadt ist voll von russischem Militär.'

- Marieluise Beck (Source, September 6, 2014)

'..[Andrei] Piontkovsky believes the annexation of Crimea, and the Russian military build-up on Ukraine's eastern border, is part of a masterplan to bring all Russian speaking people back into the mother country.

And he says Putin will not stop at Ukraine. Estonia and Lithuania will be next - both members of NATO.'

- A journalist paints a doomsday scenario if Putin leads Russia down its current path, July 6, 2014


'..The attitude of the ruling elite toward its own people resembled that of the foreign conquerors of the agrarian states..' - .."Genghis Khan with a telephone." ' - Yegor Gaidar

'..repression against the opposition .. suicidal strategy. Russia's history..' - Yegor Gaidar

'..Russia [must pull] back from Ukraine..'