'..Archduke Otto .. warned .. Russian imperialism .. conquering Ukraine, folding it into Russia and using it as a platform for further major operations in Europe..' - Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

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<b>'..In Archduke Otto’s last published book in 2006, he warned that Russian imperialism again nurtured the objective of conquering Ukraine, folding it into Russia and using it as a platform for further major operations in Europe..' - Prince Michael of Liechtenstein</b>

<blockquote>'Russian imperialism
During the course of the Second World War and the Hitlerian crimes, the Jews were almost completely exterminated. Some of them were able to flee to Israel while the rest were liquidated. Since the end of the Second World War, the result has been the absence of that element in the country that would have given it an independent, healthy economy.

During the period from Stalin to Putin, Russian imperialsim has always nurtured the objective of conquering the Ukraine once again, folding it into Russia and using it as a platform for further major operations vis-à-vis Poland and/or other parts of Europe. This turns the Ukraine into a key location within Europe and makes it necessary for it to be integrated into the European Union.

This has not seriously been taken into consideration and is thus dangerous. It could still be corrected today were one ready, once and for all, to recognise the need for a European policy rather than one designed to kow-tow to the Kremlin.

One must also understand that culturally, historically and spiritually the Ukraine forms part of Europe. One only needs to view the German language literature, in particular that of the late 19th and early 20th century, to recognise how the European spirit flourished in this domain.

Eastern Galicia and the Bukowina were areas that represented the engine of Euorpean culture and literature. The Ukraine has thus acquired a right to Europe that is of political significance as well as one of security. Ignoring this fact could result in a fatal error of historical proportions.

The democratic maturity and desire for freedom of the Ukrainian people was made clear in their battle for Yushchenko’s victory over Yanukovich, a man with a criminal record and a dependence on Moscow.


What Putin and Kuchma had in mind was clear. Massive fraud was intended to produce a victory by Yanukovich which would then have been presented as a success for democracy. This was intended to change the political balance in the region, with the next step being the official incorporation of the Republic of Moldavia into the Russian system. This would turn the two communist-controlled regions of Transdniestria and the Republic of Gaguazia into official Russian territories, thus placing Romania in danger.

This step would enable Moscow to open the door to the Balkans and, through this, pave the way for access to the Mediterranean. The only reason that Stalin failed in this quest was the presence of the strong United States fleet in the Mediterranean. At the time this was only possible because Cyprus was still safely in western hands. Today, this would be questionable thanks to the presence on Greek-Cypriot soil of a certain Tassos Papadopoulos who had bankrolled and advised Slobodan Milosevic. His effective support allowed the Serbs to wage war against Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


..an immediate partnership should be granted Kiev with a view to obtaining the status of a membership candidate. This would show Russia that the Ukraine belongs to Europe and that one is not ready to betray friend and partner because of pressure from Moscow.'

• Otto von Habsburg (The political wisdom of Otto von Habsburg and the crisis in Ukraine, April 2, 2014)</blockquote>

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'[Gaidar] warns Russia against following the course of Nazi Germany..'

<blockquote>'Yegor Gaidar has written an outstanding book of great importance. With extraordinary erudition, he warns Russia against following the course of Nazi Germany, focusing on the double trap of post-imperial hangover and the oil curse..'

- Anders Åslund (Context: To Nikolai Patrushev: '[Gaidar] warns Russia..'

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