(Open Source)(Management innovation) - Crisp DNA _ The inner workings of a .. company

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<blockquote>Why open-source the Crisp DNA?

- To make the world a better place! The model has helped us be happy and make a positive impact in the world, and publishing it may help others do the same.
- Open-sourcing it is a fun social experiment, we’re curious about what’s going to happen :o)
- By making our model public, we’re more likely to keep it up-to-date and improve it as we learn.
- Putting it on GitHub makes it easier for others to clone and evolve the model, and we can learn from that.

- Crisp DNA</li></blockquote>

Context MIX

<blockquote>(Monetary) bureaucracy - '..our organizations are .. hostages to an ideology that is, in a real sense, inhuman.'

'..I believe in responsibility but not in pyramidal hierarchy .. the negative value of structure. Structure creates hierarchy, and hierarchy creates constraint..'

(Management innovation) - The End of Management and the Rise of Organizational Democracy

Beyond democracy - 'Open source .. to positively change our society..'

'Therefore the proper organization of society must be that of free individuals.' - By Isabel Paterson

(Liberty) - 'A market .. a discovery process which continuously gathers knowledge..'

'Entrepreneurship, as decisive action under uncertain conditions, is at the very heart of a market economy.'

'..have organizations that are more and more adaptable and far more humane..'</blockquote>