'Reinventing Organizations .. the German translation sold 1600 copies in the first 6 weeks..' (June 10, 2015)

Posted by ProjectC 
<blockquote>'Just heard from the German publisher: he is really happy, the German translation sold 1600 copies in the first 6 weeks, it's currently n°1 in the management category on Amazon.

I find this really surprising and hope giving, because I still think about this book as somewhat of a niche book - for one because it's not an "easy" journalistic type book and also because it's not aimed at the traditional readership of "the management book that will give you the secrets to profit, market share and fame".

I'm curious if it's just an early surge from people who knew the english book and were waiting to share the German version. Or if perhaps the number of people who are tired of today's organizations and ready to hear a different message might be larger than we think (or I think). I hope it's the latter, that would be a really hopeful message :-)'

- Frederic Laloux / Reinventing Organizations (Source, June 10, 2015)</blockquote>

<blockquote>..an integral conference that takes place June 19-21 in the Ruhrgebiet.

Margaret Rasfeld, the wonderful spirit behind the ESBZ school in Berlin, and Joachim Galuska, the founder of the Heiligenfeld clinics will also be speaking..'

- Frederic Laloux / Reinventing Organizations (Source, June 9, 2015)</blockquote>


<blockquote>'Reinventing Organizations: Ein Leitfaden zur Gestaltung neuer Formen der Zusammenarbeit und einer neuen Führungskultur'

(To Heal)(Management innovation) - '..Teal Organizations to start healing the world..'

'..some organizations are so political and unsafe that they resemble concentration camps.' - Kets de Vries</blockquote>