(Reinventing Organizations) - '..a talk in German..' Eine Konferenz zu Reinventing Organizations auf Deutsch

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Eine Konferenz zu Reinventing Organizations auf Deutsch

<blockquote>'A few weeks ago, I gave a talk in German at the Integral Forum. It was recorded (with a camera from the 1980s it seems, which gives it a bit of a nostalgic air, if you ask me. So much for thinking that Germans are always at the forefront of technology) and I just uploaded it on youtube.

What was a bit nostalgic for me too was speaking in German. My mother was German and I grew up speaking German with her, but really almost haven't spoken it for more than 20 years. So this was a bit special.

I'm very happy this talk was recorded, because I know that not everyone is into reading a big fat book, and a video allows the ideas that we can have more soulful organizations travel more easily. So feel free to share with any german speaking friends you think would be interested in the topic!'

- Frederic Laloux (Source, July 14, 2015)</blockquote>


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