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For Freedom, Justice, and Love - '..Chinese people learned about freedom, rule of law, human rights, and civil society. In some places, they found ways to practice democracy and freedom..'

109/19/2020 08:38AM
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U.N. experts decry Hong Kong security law in open letter to China

109/18/2020 06:36AM
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Dear Chairman Xi, It’s Time for You to Go - By Xu Zhiyong, '..What China needs above all other things is Freedom!'

109/17/2020 06:31AM
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(War)(The threat to world order is China) - '..rigorous analysis of Chinese political warfare and a warning of its effects on democracy.' - ..‘Insidious Power: How China Undermines Global Democracy’

109/14/2020 06:23AM
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(Russia, Belarus) - 'Regimes that rule by fear, live in fear. They fear that one day the people will no longer tolerate their lies, thieving and brutality..'

109/03/2020 09:06PM
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The 'real Lord of the Flies': a survivor's story of shipwreck and salvation

109/01/2020 07:04AM
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'..widespread price-fixing [of] .. interest rates..' - '..the September 2019 “insurance” rate cut and QE in the face of record stock prices and generally overheated securities markets.'

108/23/2020 06:11PM
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(Belarus) - 'German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz warned against Russia becoming involved.'

108/17/2020 11:53AM
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President-elect Tsikhanouskaya - '..Lukashenka .. crimes against humanity..'

108/15/2020 01:26PM
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Thousands In Russia's Far East Continue Anti-Putin Protests, Chant 'Long Live Belarus!'

108/15/2020 01:15PM
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(Belarus) - '..the authorities have declared war on their people..'

108/13/2020 06:42PM
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