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(Mandela)(UN Responsibility to protect (R2P))(Russia commits crimes against humanity in Ukraine) - Shield against drones, aircraft, missiles, rockets and mortars (air exclusion zone)

103/31/2022 08:13AM
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(Russian Academy of Science) - '..Responsibility for unleashing a new war lies entirely on Russia.'

103/22/2022 09:22PM
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UN's Top Court Orders Russia To Halt Invasion Of Ukraine

103/17/2022 07:40PM
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(Increase military aid for Ukraine) - 'Ukraine is the tip of the spear for the democratic embrace of dreams.' - Sean Penn

102/26/2022 07:54AM
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(The Nuremberg Principles)(The Crime of Aggression) - War Criminal - Putin must face war crime charges

102/25/2022 07:55PM
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Anti-War Broadside Highlights Nationalist Critique of Putin

102/12/2022 05:14PM
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(New York TImes) - The Lords of Easy Money: How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy

102/12/2022 11:49AM
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(The All-Russian Officers’ Assembly) - Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov: 76% Of Retired Officers Supported My Statement

102/11/2022 06:00PM
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(The All-Russian Officers’ Assembly) - "Top Russian General Warns Putin .. Accuses Him of ‘Criminal Policy of Provoking a War’"

102/08/2022 12:15PM
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WTO urges members to end fisheries subsidies discussions by next February/March [2022]

101/20/2022 07:33AM
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(Banking Reform) - Issues 2022 - 'Our nation (and the world) was profoundly scarred by the Great Depression experience..'

101/10/2022 07:03AM
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