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(Trump Is Clueless About the Coronavirus) - Trump address sparks chaos as coronavirus crisis deepens - '[Trump hampering] U.S. government’s response to the contagion..'

103/12/2020 04:30PM
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Trump's coronavirus response is worse than incompetent - '..Trump .. he [is] obviously incapable of handling the problem..'

103/11/2020 09:10PM
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(China, Europe, US mismanagement) - Coronavirus: Wuhan doctor speaks out against authorities

103/11/2020 08:35PM
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(BBC) Coronavirus confirmed as pandemic by World Health Organization - 'He said he was "deeply concerned" by "alarming levels of inaction" over the virus.' - 'The case of the Netherlands..'

103/11/2020 08:13PM
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(Banking Reform) - 'I have serious doubts contemporary finance will pass this test .. for centuries, post-Bubble post-mortem would invariably fault the instability of “fractional reserve banking.”..'

103/07/2020 06:00PM
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(Banking Reform) - 'The Fed blew three economic bubbles in succession. A deflationary bust has started.'

103/06/2020 08:29AM
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(CNN, Covid-19) - '..This is a time for pulling out all the stops..' - WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

103/06/2020 08:11AM
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A Global Outbreak Is Fueling the Backlash to Globalization - '..seeking alternatives to making goods in China..'

103/06/2020 07:51AM
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'..the perils that China is inviting by turning away from substantive economic and political reform..'

103/04/2020 09:04AM
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(Global Healing 2020 - 2050)(Fusion Energy) - Total Transformation - '..the elimination of want.'

103/01/2020 08:12PM
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'In 1965, CEOs in the US earned 20 times more than the average worker but by 2015 it had risen to 300 times..'

103/01/2020 11:30AM
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