(Fusion Power) - '..testing his device on proton-boron mixtures within the next year (2016).'

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<blockquote>'To be clear, unexpected errors or oversights could still ground one or all of these efforts. But when so much of the research world is depending on the overdue and overbudget US $20 billion ITER project, each of these efforts counteracts the monoculture mind-set in fusion research that has been the subject of some industry questioning and criticism.


Lawrenceville Plasma Physics’ Focus Fusion device is in the advanced research phase, says LPP president and chief scientist, Eric Lerner. It has now had 12 test runs using a heavy-hydrogen mix like the plasma soup that fuels tokamak reactors. But, says Lerner, these preliminary reactions are just to test the system. Ultimately the “dense plasma focus” device is designed to combine protons with boron atoms to generate three helium atoms plus energy—and crucially no neutrons that can contaminate other nearby atoms in the fuel or reactor and turn them radioactive.

According to the LPP website, the device consists of two co­axial cylindrical metal electrodes sandwiching a low-­pressure gas. A mega-ampere-scale capacitor bank discharges ­millionth-of-a-second bursts of power that induce a current and a mega­gauss magnetic field. The device, LPP says, can get the gas up to billions of degrees Celsius for billionths of a second. The company’s calculations suggest these conditions could ultimately be sufficient to spark proton-boron fusion.

Lerner says his group, based in Middlesex, N.J., is now trying to get atomic impurities out of the plasma, because fusion reactions are extremely sensitive to foreign atoms in the mix. But he says he expects to be testing his device on proton-boron mixtures within the next year.'

- Mark Anderson, Three Alternative Fusion Projects That Are Making Progress, November 23, 2015</blockquote>

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