'..Russia .. to expand liberties in all spheres..'

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' "To move forward and dynamically develop, we need to expand liberties in all spheres," [Putin] added.

Putin called on authorities to create an environment under which businesses can thrive.

"The unjustified persecution [of businesspeople], including by the security services, is absolutely unacceptable," Putin said, adding that this "undermines people's faith in the law and in justice."

The Russian leader said that while the state will support Russian business, its share in the economy "should gradually decline."


Government statistics show that real incomes fell in 2017 for the fourth straight year. The government's economic program forecasts that the percentage of Russians living below the poverty line will be reduced from the current 13.8 percent to 11.2 percent by 2020. However, that figure is higher than the 10.7 percent posted in 2012.'

- Tony Wesolowsky, 'Listen To Us Now': Putin Unveils Weapons, Vows To Raise Living Standards In Fiery Annual Address, March 01, 2018


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