'..China’s “civil-military” fusion promoted by President Xi Jinping.' - 'China isn’t the only country to see some of its virus assistance backfire in Europe.'

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'..a sign of growing nervousness within the U.S. government over China’s “civil-military” fusion promoted by President Xi Jinping, which aims to build up its military might and super-charged technological development in tandem.

China hardliners within the administration say it is time to update U.S. rules in light of the Chinese policy, since some U.S. shipments abroad are authorized based in large part on whether they will be used for civilian or military applications.

Since “the Chinese have said to us, ‘anything you give to us for a commercial purpose is going to be given to the military,’ what point is there in maintaining a distinction in our export control regulations?” said former White House official Tim Morrison, who was involved in drawing up the changes, which have been in the works since at least last year.'

- Exclusive: U.S. officials agree on new ways to control high tech exports to China - sources, April 2, 2020

'China isn’t the only country to see some of its virus assistance backfire in Europe.'

'In the Czech Republic, health-care authorities and some government members said the 300,000 quick tests purchased by the state only worked if patients had been infected for at least five days, while about a third were defective. President Milos Zeman, however, avoided mentioning the problems.

“I’d like to thank the Chinese People’s Republic for being the only country that helped us in supplying the material,” he said March 19. In doing so, he failed to acknowledge aid also being provided by the European Union.


China isn’t the only country to see some of its virus assistance backfire in Europe.

President Vladimir Putin dispatched protective masks, ventilators, testing equipment and even doctors to Italy this month, with deliveries carrying stickers saying “From Russia with Love.” A few days later, however, Italy’s La Stampa newspaper cited senior political sources as saying that about four-fifths of supplies were “useless” for the country.

Many interpreted Russia’s actions as an opportunist bid to win friends in Italy as the EU’s own virus response foundered. Similar accusations have been leveled against China.'

- Bloomberg, Faulty Virus Tests Cloud China’s European Outreach Over Covid-19, March 31, 2020


(The Chinese Communist Party is a threat) - ' “Made in China 2025” .. “Civil Military Fusion” .. Xi Jinping speaks regularly of “preparing to fight and win wars.” From Europe to the Middle East, from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific..'

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