(WSJ) - '..concern grows about reliance on Asia as a source of critical technology.'

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Pentagon says coronavirus pandemic underscores vulnerability from reliance on Asian factories

The Trump administration and semiconductor companies are looking to jump-start development of new chip factories in the U.S. as concern grows about reliance on Asia as a source of critical technology.

A new crop of cutting-edge chip factories in the U.S. would reshape the industry and mark a U-turn after decades of expansion into Asia by many American companies eager to reap investment incentives and take part in a robust regional supply chain.

- By Asa Fitch, Kate O’Keeffe and Bob Davis, Trump and Chip Makers Including Intel Seek Semiconductor Self-Sufficiency, May 11, 2020


Commerce Addresses Huawei’s Efforts to Undermine Entity List, Restricts Products Designed and Produced with U.S. Technologie

'..China’s “civil-military” fusion promoted by President Xi Jinping.'

(The Chinese Communist Party is a threat) - ' “Made in China 2025” .. “Civil Military Fusion” .. Xi Jinping speaks regularly of “preparing to fight and win wars.” From Europe to the Middle East, from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific..'