Harris .. infrastructure .. [& global security]

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'..Harris .. could play a major role: infrastructure, the kind of portfolio one might expect a vice president to own.


Harris instead has wrapped herself around Biden's singular legislative focus as his full partner, promoting the American Rescue Plan in public and behind the scenes, while also carving out interest areas of her own from foreign policy to small businesses.

Allies of Harris argue it's still early for her to have her own portfolio since the administration's focus has squarely been squarely on the pandemic, but they are watching closely to see what comes next.


Harris also has established a regular lunch with Secretary of State Tony Blinken, sit-downs that could serve a dual purpose of staying up to date on the administration's international strategy and gaining insight into her new boss from a man who has served as one of his longest advisers. The lunch is similar to one Biden had as vice president with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And she regularly speaks with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, aides say.

Nearly every day, Biden and Harris together receive the president's daily brief, the intelligence community's top-secret rundown of the most pressing intelligence and security threats. It's a realm Harris has some experience in, having served on the Senate Intelligence Committee for four years as a senator from California.'

- Vice President Kamala Harris waits for her own portfolio as she settles into new role, March 10, 2021


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