Estimate: October, 2025 – Safire Plasma (beyond fusion) Reactors commercially available – Abundance

‘SAFIRE can create, control, contain, sustain, and repeat-at-will any number of plasma regimes. No other technology in the world can do this.

Seven years of empirical testing has resulted in a unique patented stable spherical “SAFIRE” plasma reactor.  AUREON ENERGY LTD. will commercialize the SAFIRE technology into three key markets:

> clean energy production
> heating
> remediation of nuclear waste

Each market in itself represents a trillion dollar industry over the next ten years. AUREON ENERGY is currently engaging investors to commercialize the technology.’

AureonSafire Plasma Reactor, Fusion


Cyc; ‘The beginning of the Total Transformation, the elimination of want.’

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‘I think the caste system in organizations is largely going to disappear. The old model in which the executive ranks make the big decisions, the middle managers basically run the control processes, and at the bottom, the operators complete the day-to-day tasks—I think that’s going to change dramatically. My sense is that going forward, at different times, everyone in the organization is going to play all three roles.


..I expect to be another round of fundamental management innovation unlike anything we’ve seen since the Industrial Revolution.


If you look in Europe and the United States, church is slowly becoming irrelevant to modern life, not because people are any less interested in the transcendent, but the role that organized religion plays has been declining. Whether you’re atheist, agnostic, or a believer, clearly spiritual capital decline is not good for society. I’ve become very interested in thinking about how we move away from the stultified bureaucratic hierarchical models of church that have predominated for many centuries, and how we reinvent that model. I’ve been doing some thinking, speaking, and writing around that challenge.’

– Gary Hamel (Source, 2012)


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‘In my experience, this is the breakthrough that is the least well understood. It’s means much more than simply having a clear mission. And it’s a breakthrough many people struggle with: No targets? No budgets? No strategic plan?’

Evolutionary Purpose – Do You Have the Courage to Face Reality?


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The Beginning of Abundance

Reform: ‘This wiki is based on the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux. Its primary purpose is to serve as a practical guide for leaders who are reinventing their organization and are looking for inspiration as they upgrade specific management practices in their organization.’

Reinventing Organizations Wiki (Enlivening Edge, Corporate Rebels)

Affective Introspection

Ethical Affective Ambiance in the Electric Universe – Production of Money, Prices and Market