(Stagflation) - 'U.S. Inflation Storm..'

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'..U.S. inflation running at its hottest level since 1982 .. “Today’s CPI was hotter than expected and February’s print could be as well but again, it’s to what extent does it slow from here that should matter for markets .. .. real rates will remain firmly negative..” said Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group.'

- U.S. Inflation Storm.., February 11, 2022

'Inflation concerns weighed on U.S. consumer sentiment, which declined further in early February to a fresh decade low as views about personal finances deteriorated. The University of Michigan’s sentiment index dropped to 61.7, the lowest since October 2011..'

- Source, February 11, 2022


'U.S. inflation is currently 6.8%, the highest rate in the developed world .. Almost universally, rates have been kept lower than the Taylor Rule had suggested..'

(Stagflation) - Dutch inflation climbed to 7.6 percent in January

(Stagflation) - '..picked up to 5.1% .. [Price] Inflation is now more than twice the ECB's 2% target.'