(WARNING World War) - Russian, Belarusian Attack on Ukraine - 'After months of denying plans to invade Ukraine..'

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'Ukraine says that Russian military vehicles have crossed into the country in multiple locations, including from Belarus in the north and Crimea in the south.

Other crossings have taken place in the east, in the region of Kharkhiv and Luhansk. According to Ukraine’s border service, Russia opened fire with artillery before sending military vehicles across.

In an assessment by western intelligence officials 10 days ago, it was estimated that for Russia to launch a successful attack on Kyiv (from the north), Ukraine’s most capable military units (in the east, facing the Donbas) would need to be encircled and/or neutralised.

The evidence so far suggests that the attack is coming from every direction.'

- Russia's attack looks to be coming from every direction, February 24, 2022

'After months of denying plans to invade Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian “peacekeeping” troops into the country’s separatist territories of Donetsk and Luhansk on Tuesday, recognising the two eastern entities – which Russian-backed rebels seized and occupied in 2014 – as republics independent of Kyiv.'

- Moldova, then Georgia, now Ukraine: How Russia built ‘bridgeheads into post-Soviet space’, February 22, 2022


'Katz argues that Russia’s threats against democratic Ukraine are only just the beginning..'

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