"Germany must take the lead to help Ukraine and ease the US’ burden of help." - Roderich Kiesewetter, German Parliament member of the CDU

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'"What I think Ukrainians have done correctly is to focus their efforts on destroying artillery, destroying headquarters, destroying logistics," Hodges said.

"This is how you neutralize the only advantage the Russians have—the advantage of mass—by taking away their headquarters, taking away the artillery that's required to support them and make it difficult for Ukrainians to get through minefields, and then finally the logistics: taking out ammunition and transportation."


"The land domain, of course, is aimed at the eventual isolation of Crimea," Hodges said of the ongoing Ukrainian operation. "You've got to start with that. Everything they're doing is aimed at Crimea. And the way you get Crimea is to isolate it, make it untenable, and then you can liberate it."


Hodges said critical voices in the Pentagon should think twice. "There's no way we would send an American soldier to do what the Ukrainians are having to do, because we would never go in there without air superiority," he said.

"Any criticism of how the Ukrainians are doing it, or how they're not going fast enough, is really wrong and misplaced."'

- How Ukraine Is 'Neutralizing' Russia's Biggest Advantage, October 6, 2023

'Every word of Roderich Kiesewetter, German Parliament member of the CDU, is a truth bomb:

- Holding back the TAURUS is irrational. There are no technical or legal issues. The discussion regarding geo data is a divergence. Ukraine has this data since a long time.

- Occupied Crimea is Russia’s primary logistic hub (85%) and its logistic lines must be cut

- Russia must not keep a single meter of Crimea otherwise other countries will take note of this and start to attack their neighbors (Iran, China, Egypt etc.)

- Germany must take the lead to help Ukraine and ease the US’ burden of help. This would give President Biden room to better negotiate with Republicans

- Scholz and a tiny group in the Chancellory still believe that Putin is still a negotiating partner. He is not.

I wish we would have more people like him in Germany.

Danke, Herr Kiesewetter!'

- Source, October 5, 2023


(Ukraine needs ATACMs) - '..The more that Western allies prioritize long-range weapons, the more Ukraine can wear down Russian resistance..'