(Europe Stepping Up) - '..European militaries .. defend Europe against Russia .. drop all niceties..'

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'..Russia .. leaving its border undefended..'

'..open the taps and give Ukraine everything they could—but dont assume it would mean Ukrainian defeat. It could even lead to the broadening of the war, as Ukraine would have no reason to hold back and allow Russia the massive advantage its had so far of leaving its border undefended..'

- Phillips Payson O’Brien (Context: Europe Stepping Up '..to drop all niceties..', December 16, 2023)


'..Ukraine is doing immense work for European security and suffering massively in the process..'

'..to have a very clear technical strategy .. this is crucial for Ukraine’s victory.'

'History teaches that persistence and strategic patience have been the key to victory..'

'..destroy [Russian] equipment before it reache(s) the battlefield..'

'Ukraine can win this war if armed properly..' - Prof. Phillips P. O’Brien