'SpaceX unveils new spacecraft..' - Dragon V2

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<blockquote>'One big upgrade from earlier models is that Dragon V2 will be reusable, which will cut down on costs and open up opportunities for humans to explore. Thanks to propulsion and other technology to slow its re-entry into Earth's orbit and control its descent, Musk said the spacecraft should be able to land most anywhere much like a helicopter.

"As long as we continue to throw away rockets and spacecraft, we will never have true access to space," Musk explained. "It will always be incredibly expensive."

There are a series of back-up systems as well. That includes the recently unveiled Superdraco engine, two of which will be in each Dragon V2. With 16,000 pounds of thrust, these engines will help allow the capsule to safely land. If one stops working, the other can take over; if both stop, a parachute can be deployed to allow astronauts to float safely back down to Earth.'

- Greg Botelho, SpaceX unveils new spacecraft to take astronauts to space station, back to Earth, May 30, 2014</blockquote>

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