'..China .. growth away from the current debt-addicted model..'

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<blockquote>'..to recognize the urgent need for China to rebalance economic growth away from the current debt-addicted model .. Perhaps not everyone in Beijing understands, however, that this will happen only after a difficult and probably long adjustment period, during which GDP growth rates, although not necessarily household income growth rates, must fall far more than they already have' - Michael Pettis

'..China will have new problems from a quickly decaying demography..' - Suvy, July 3, 2014

- The four stages of Chinese growth, June 18, 2014</blockquote>

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<blockquote>A warning from the Bank for International Settlements

Global Debt Ponzi, 2014

(Banking Reform - English/Dutch) '..a truly stable financial and monetary system for the twenty-first century..'