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Project C; To be conscious of Yourself, Your Surrounding, of Others, of Reality. How many people are truly aware of the enormousness of the Universe or the dire situation of the World or the understanding of the forces like electro-magnetism, or the financial structures like the derivatives market and so on and so forth. This document describes the Surroundings of Mankind, the structures and tools to change the World Economy for a sustainable future, which also means protection of dangers outside our Solar System. The main objects are the Bazaarmodel (layout BM), the Creator Unit (layout CU) and Reality. The nucleus of all the three objects is knowledge on a plate of Complexity Science.

To begin understanding reality, to get the most out of the Bazaarmodel, to create, and most important, to use the Creator Unit, to fully use the Complexity Field as a 'tool' we need an advanced Grid network like the Enterprise Nervous System (ENS). The ENS will give us also the opportunity to study Earth, the Solar System and the Universe and all what is in Reality in a much more coherent way.

"The complex system approach, which involves "seeing" inter-connections and relationships, i.e., the whole picture as well as the component parts…"

-- D. Sornette

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