'..Russian troops are still on the territory of Ukraine..' - '..the annexation of Crimea.'

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<blockquote>'..Russian troops are still on the territory of Ukraine. That means that Europe and the world are allowing Russia to be a country which is not only threatening its neighbors but is also organizing a war against its neighbors. It is the same international terrorism as we have in Iraq and Syria.'

- Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, Lithuania’s president: ‘Russia is terrorizing its neighbors and using terrorist methods’, September 24, 2014 (..Russia ’terrorist state’, November 20, 2014)</blockquote>

'..in the wake of the Ukraine crisis and the annexation of Crimea.'

<blockquote>'Defense ministers of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland said in a joint declaration on Thursday that their countries must be prepared for emergencies that may arise.

The ministers said in the declaration published in the Norwegian daily Aftenposten on Thursday: "(Russia) has shown that it is ready to use military means to achieve their political goals, even when it involves violations of international law."

"There is increasing military and intelligence activity in the Baltics and in our northern areas," the ministers said.

"The Russian military is challenging us along our borders and there have been several border infringements in the Baltics," they added.

The statement comes amid deteriorating relations between Russia and Europe in the wake of the Ukraine crisis and the annexation of Crimea.'

- Nordic nations to boost joint defense against Russia, April 10, 2015</blockquote>


<blockquote>'..Stockholm now considers Russia to be the top threat to Swedish national security..'

([Russia has] become a threat to the world..) - 'Hodges said neighbors like the Baltic states and Georgia appear to be safe for now, but possibly not for long.'

'You have to be prepared to take up weapons when dealing with Putin..' - '..his behavior looks like madness, but in fact it's a cold strategy for life-long despotism.'

'..a "virtual mafia state"..' - '..Russia has become an outright dictatorship..'

Global Magnitsky Act - '..it is essential that by April 2015 Ukraine should be engaged in a radical reform program that has a realistic chance of succeeding..' - Soros