(Haptopraxeology) - VI INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF haptonomy, March 19 and 20, 2016

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Haptonomy, the science of Affectivity, allows to approach the human person as a whole. The Affective brings the body and mind together so that the Subject becomes an affective-somato-psychic unit.

From conception to the end of life, in the space of corporality and in the time of the history of each person, it renews completely the approach to prevention.

Care, education in the broadest sense of the word, always foregrounding the Affective are the basis of a preventive and humanizing approach.

Papers will be presented either in full sessions or in “hubs” of exchanges between practitioners.

This conference concerns all those with issues of health and education.

For more information you can contact us: evenement@haptonomie.org '

- VI INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF haptonomy</blockquote>

Context '..to rethink and to rebuild a culture where there are open channels between feeling and understanding..'

<blockquote>(Haptopraxeology) - Humans Are Underrated '..the skills of deeply human interaction .. Learning to be more socially sensitive..'

((Hapto)praxeology) - '..human personality .. cannot be satisfactorily explained by genetics, environmental influences, or a combination of these.' - Dr. Ian Stevenson

(Praxeology) - '..Menger’s experience stressed subjective factors..'

'A judgment of value .. a man's affective response to definite conditions of the universe..' - Ludwig von Mises</blockquote>