Catalonia - '..the right of people to self-determination is a cardinal principle of modern international law..'

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'..Rajoy may also be in breach of Spain’s obligations under EU and international law.'

<blockquote>'Rajoy’s weekend police action is being investigated for human rights violations by the Catalan authorities, and possibly the UN too. Spanish national laws may have been broken. And Rajoy may also be in breach of Spain’s obligations under EU and international law.

Respect for the rights of national minorities is one of the EU’s core values, as expressed in article 2 of the EU’s founding treaty and article 21 of the EU charter of fundamental rights. Although the commission has no specific powers, member states do have general powers to ensure that the fundamental rights of groups such as the Catalans are protected in accordance with European and international law.

More broadly, the right of people to self-determination is a cardinal principle of modern international law, incorporated into the UN charter. It is not a new idea.

In 1918, Woodrow Wilson, the US president whose “14 points” speech set out principles for world peace, declared: “National aspirations must be respected; people may now be dominated and governed only by their own consent. ‘Self-determination’ is not a mere phrase; it is an imperative principle of action.”

Wilson led efforts to forge a European settlement after the first world war. It is a sobering thought that 100 years on, Europe may still be incapable of sorting out its problems by itself.

- Simon Tisdall, As Catalonia crisis escalates, EU is nowhere to be seen, October 4, 2017</blockquote>

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