'The Big Bang theory .. came under sharp criticism .. at the International Conference on Cosmology'

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'The Big Bang theory, also known as “Concordance Cosmology” or the Standard Model of Cosmology (SMoC) came under sharp criticism from a group of researchers at the International Conference on Cosmology at Small Scales, held in Prague Sept. 26-28. With some 60 scientists participating, the conference was one of the largest gatherings of those skeptical of parts, or all, of the dominant theory of cosmology. LPPF’s Lerner was among those smacking the SMoC, presenting an overall survey of the failings of the theory, and the successes of alternative explanations of the major observed features of the Universe. A video of Lerner’s presentation is available.'

- SMoC is Smacked at Prague Cosmology Conference (Source, October 24, 2018)


International Conference COSMOLOGY ON SMALL SCALES 2018: Dark Matter Problem and Selected Controversies in Cosmology, 2017

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