(UK) - 'This is a serious plea.' - Richard Norton (editor in chief of the Lancet)

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'UK is about to become Lombardy (Italy) says editor in chief of the Lancet. And HCW will absorb the brunt of UK govt complacency, he says.
<blockquote>The UK is on the edge of an avoidable calamity. In addition to deaths preventable by more aggressive government action, it will be health workers who absorb the brunt of government complacency. In Lombardy, 20% of health workers have become infected “and some have died.” - Richard Horton</blockquote>

- Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding (Source, March 13, 2020)
<Blockquote>'I repeat again: I am not being alarmist. What is happening in Italy is real and taking place now. Our government is not preparing us for that reality. We need immediate and assertive social distancing and closure policies. We need to prepare the NHS. This is a serious plea.' - Richard Norton (Source, March 12, 2020)</blockquote>


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