(The New Alliance)(China is 'threat to world') - '..an end to Hong Kong’s special status with the U.S..'

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'(Bloomberg) -- Donald Trump ordered an end to Hong Kong’s special status with the U.S. and signed legislation that would sanction Chinese officials responsible for cracking down on political dissent in the city, drawing a rebuke from China and adding fresh uncertainty for businesses including banks in the financial hub.'

- Trump Ends Hong Kong’s Special Status With U.S. to Punish China, July 15, 2020

Context (The New Alliance)(China is 'threat to world') - Lawmakers in Eight Countries Form New Alliance to Counter China

The Broken Promises of China's WTO Accession: Reprioritizing Human Rights

(China is 'threat to world') - Trudeau Suspends Hong Kong Extradition Treaty on China Law

'Far too many American multinational corporations have kowtowed to the lure of China’s money and markets by muzzling not only criticism of the Chinese Communist Party, but even affirmative expressions of American values.' - Pence

'China’s Vision of Victory .. is of a world under authoritarian rule .. incompatible with U.S. democracy.'

(The Chinese Communist Party is a threat) - ' “Made in China 2025” .. “Civil Military Fusion” .. Xi Jinping speaks regularly of “preparing to fight and win wars.” From Europe to the Middle East, from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific..'

'What do we do about China now?' - '..the Chinese manipulated Western politicians and business leaders into thinking China was evolving toward democracy and capitalism.'

'This is why China experts assert that the CCP does operate here in Britain, often under the natural cover of business. "The Party machine is everywhere", says one, adding: "For China, business is inseparable from politics." '

'We [will] drop all the laws violating the human rights in Sudan.'

- Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari, '..Sudan has outlined wide-reaching reforms..'