'Achieving 100 percent clean electricity by 2035..'

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'Achieving 100 percent clean electricity by 2035 is widely seen as aggressive and ambitious, but as E&E News notes, a growing number of utilities in all parts of the country already have net-zero targets, although most are closer to mid-century. Many regions are on their way – in the Texas electricity grid of ERCOT, wind and solar accounted for 39 percent of electricity generation in the first half of 2020, much more than coal and not far behind natural gas’ share of 44 percent.'

- Joe Biden Promises ‘Historic Investments’ In Clean Energy, July 15, 2020


'..to Ban Internal Combustion Engines by 2030'

'..phasing out the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles to 2032 at the very latest.'

'..committed to 100 percent clean energy by the year 2050.'

(Fly Electric - Emission-free aviation) - EASA certifies electric aircraft, first type certification for fully electric plane world-wide

(Maglev - ET3) - The time for a new mode of transportation is NOW! "Space Travel on Earth"

'Most countries don’t take it seriously enough and aren’t doing enough given the scale of the harm that air pollution is doing to all of our health.'