(Focus Fusion) - A low cost fusion future

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'Finally a firm is pursuing commercial power production using dense plasma focus technology with the needed commitment.


A low cost fusion future

DPF-based hydrogen-boron fusion power plants would combine simplicity of construction and operation with small unit size, low investment cost, low fuel cost and intrinsic safety.

For commercial power production, the DPF device is to be combined with a patented system for direct conversion of the fusion energy into electricity. Pulsed at a rate of 200 discharges per second, the system will provide an electric power output of 5 megawatts.'

- Jonathan Tennenbaum, Focus fusion is the hottest idea in nuclear energy, July 13, 2020


(Focus Fusion)(Oilprice.com) - 'Dense plasma focus (DPF) could open the door to fusion being adopted much faster and for being economically feasible.'