(Focus Fusion) - A cheaper, faster way to nuclear fusion

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'Lerner and his group are pursuing a clearly defined roadmap. The key task is to increase the density of the plasmoid, above all by improving the symmetry of the array of filaments at the point they merge together and doubling the current through the device.

The expectation is to achieve the required 100-times increase in plasmoid density by the end of this year, and afterward go over to using hydrogen-boron fuel. (So far, experiments have employed deuterium.)


A future article will discuss what the DPF can teach us about the Universe on the astronomical scale, including objects such as quasars and clusters of galaxies. Asia Times will also publish a future interview with Eric Lerner on the DPF project and his other scientific work.'

- Jonathan Tennenbaum, A cheaper, faster way to nuclear fusion, July 18, 2020


(Focus Fusion) - Nuclear fusion the easy way

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