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'..The World Economic Forum has advocated for the development of a “new energy order” and a “great reset”. Furthermore, according to NPR, “around the world leaders see opportunity in the global pandemic to address the other big problem humanity faces: climate change.” These leaders include such big-name international agencies as the United Nations, the International Energy Agency, and the European Union, all of which are either considering or actively drafting green stimulus plans. Even a number of blue chip companies are pushing for a green energy stimulus.


In fact, early data from the World Economic Forum’s Industry Action Group shows “the ambitious potential of a green recovery”. As paraphrased by Forbes, the group’s research shows that “a green recovery and power market reform in Europe could create 1.8 million jobs by 2030 and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 71 percent.” '

- The COVID Crisis Could Lead To A Green Energy Boom, July 29, 2020

Context Clean air, clean water and clean soil

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'..modern life — including deforestation, urbanization and intensive agriculture — contribute to the emergence of new contagions at an alarming rate.'

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