(GIN)(Alarming global corruption) - Netflix's 'Seapiracy': The Documentary Exposing The Fishing industry's Corruption

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'The new documentary, from Ali and Lucy Tabrizi, as well as Kip Anderson, the maker of Cowspiracy and What the Health, is documenting the "dark truth about the global fishing industry and its impact on our planet."

"Passionate about ocean life, a filmmaker sets out to document the harm that humans do to marine species—and uncovers alarming global corruption," its official synopsis reads.

The U.K. filmmaker reportedly began his journey by seeking to expose the harmful effects of plastic pollution in our oceans, as well as ongoing whale hunting in Japan, but ended up exposing the legal and ethical corruption of the commercial fishing industry.'

- Netflix's 'Seapiracy': The Documentary Exposing The Fishing industry's Corruption, March 26, 2021



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