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'..No gene therapy (minute 42:14) .. How voltages talk to the genome (minute 42:36) .. The answer is: it really is voltage .. the genetics doesn't matter, what matters is that you get the voltage right. (m. 46:10 - 46:46) .. Twenty years ago .. it really wasn't even clear that voltage gradients had any role besides housekeeping. (m. 55:51) .. Electrical signaling is convenient medium for computation (m. 59:56) .. When you do the bioelectrics, you catch all the downstream stuff, because it is a higher level signal.. (m. 1:15:42)'

- Dr. Michael Levin (Source, March 28, 2021)

'..one fateful day in 1986 .. where Levin happened to pick up the book The Body Electric..'

'..one fateful day in 1986 when Levin attended the Expo 86 World’s Fair in Vancouver, Canada. But the moment that came to define his career didn’t happen in one of the pavilions showcasing the world’s newest technologies – it happened in a used book shop, where Levin happened to pick up the book The Body Electric, published the previous year by orthopedic surgeon Robert O. Becker.

“What was remarkable about that book was that it cited all these older research papers in which people had actually found evidence of electrical signaling outside of the nervous system.." (Levin).'

- Wyss (Harvard), Mike Levin on electrifying insights into how bodies form, July 26, 2019

'...scientia, correct knowledge...'

'Science, after all, means scientia, correct knowledge; it is older and wiser than the positivist-pragmatist attempt to monopolize the term.

Surveying the attributes of the proper science of man as against scientism, one finds a shining, clear theory separating one from the other. The true science of man bases itself upon the existence of individual human beings, upon individual life and consciousness.'

- Murray N. Rothbard, The Mantle of Science


Professor Michael Levin, Department of Biology - Tufts University

*** The Body Electric - 'I predict that research on this system will eventually let us learn to control pain, healing, and growth with our minds alone, substantially reducing the need for physicians.'

'When I entered research, I aimed for a fairly limited goal among the many that lured me—finding out what stimulated and controlled the growth needed for healing—but always in the back of my mind were the larger questions that had haunted me since medical school: What unified an organism, making every cell subservient to the needs of the whole? How was it that the whole being could do things that none of its components could do separately? What made an organism self-contained, self-directed, self-repairing? When you get right down to it, I wanted to know what made living things alive. Intuitively I felt sure the answers needn't be forever hidden in mystic conundrums but were scientifically knowable. However, they would require a fresh approach from science, not the simple mechanistic dogmas left over from last century. As a result of the research on nerves and regeneration described in the foregoing pages, I believe I can now sketch at least an outline of that missing chapter.

It had been known for centuries that the nerves are the body's communications lines. Still, all the information collected by neurophysiologists hadn't revealed the integrating factor behind healing. Marc Singer proved that nerves are essential for regeneration, yet the elaborate impulse and neurotransmitter system, which until recently constituted everything we knew about nerves, carries no messages during the process. Nerves are just as essential to simpler kinds of healing. Leprosy and diabetes sometimes destroy nerve function to the extremities. When this happens, a wounded limb not only fails to heal but often degenerates far beyond the actual injury. I often thought about this paradox in connection with the other realities that were poorly explained by nerve impulses, such as consciousness and its many levels, sleep, biological cycles, and extrasensory experiences. As a doctor, however, I was most concerned with the mystery of pain.

This is the least understood of sensory functions, but it must have been one of the very first to evolve. Without it, living things would be so poorly designed that they couldn't survive, for they would never know what constituted danger or when to take defensive action. Pain is quite distinct from the sense of touch. If you place your finger on a hot stove, you feel the touch first and the pain appears a discernible time later, after the reflex has already drawn your hand away. Clearly the pain is conveyed by a different means. Furthermore, there are different types of pain in the skin is different from pain in the head or belly or of pain. If you ever want to embarrass a neurophysiologist, ask for an explanation of pain.

Early in my work on regeneration it occurred to me that I'd stumbled upon another method of nerve function. I imagined slowly varying currents flowing along the neurons, their fluctuations transmitting information in analog fashion. Though I kept my main focus on the role of these currents in healing, I pursued other lines of inquiry on the side. I did so partly out of simple curiosity, but also because I realized that, no matter how much merit my DC theory might have for healing, it would have a better chance of being considered if I could fill in some of its details in a wider context.

In the study of healing I dealt only with the output side of the system, the voltages and currents sent to the injured area to guide cells in repairing the damage. Cybernetics and common sense alike told me that, before an organism could repair itself, it must know it had been injured. In other words, the wound must hurt, and the pain must be part of an input side of the system. Certainly if the output side was run by electrical currents, it made no sense to assume that the input side relied on nerve impulses.

At the same time another problem nagged me. The impulses and the current seemed to coexist, yet everything we knew about nerve impulses and electricity said they couldn't travel through the same neuron at the same time without interfering with each other. We now have solutions to both problems, thanks to serendipity. The ways in which the answers came show how one experiment often furthers an unrelated one, and how politics occasionally benefits science. (pp. 232-233)


I predict that research on this system will eventually let us learn to control pain, healing, and growth with our minds alone, substantially reducing the need for physicians.


..Any electric current automatically generates a magnetic field around itself. Hence, as the perineural current conveys information in its fluctuations, it must be reflected by a magnetic field around the body, whose pulsing would reveal the same information. (pp.239-240)'

- Dr. Robert O. Becker, The Body Electric (1985)

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‘Knowledge not parceled and segmented..’

‘..the progress of science is determined by free inquiry..’

(Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century) - '..the materialistic consensus which undergirds practically all of current mainstream psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy of mind is fundamentally flawed..'

‘..returning to psychology’s original meaning as the study (or revealing) of soul or spirit.’

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