(Ukraine needs ATACMs) - 'This is the reality that the escalation crowd refuses to accept..' - Crimea campaign

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'Ukraine has the initiative in this war, Ukrainian General Staff running rings around the Russian General Staff. War is a test of Will and a test of Logistics. Ukraine is superior to Russia in both. Do our Leaders have superior Will to the Kremlin?'

- Ben Hodges (Source, September 23, 2023)

'This is the reality that the escalation crowd refuses to accept. Putin doesn’t want to escalate and do anything that would expand the war and bring NATO in more. He won’t go nuclear over Sevastopol, he won’t sink merchant ships for flaunting the grain blockade.

"Just watched the main evening news bulletin Vremya on Russia’s Channel One (a 50-minute programme.) I didn’t hear anything about the missile strike on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet HQ in Sevastopol." - Steve Rosenberg, September 22, 2023'

- Phillips P. OBrien (Source, September 22, 2023)

'A guy who...

- was once appointed as a successor in the presidential office by an agreement of oligarchic elites
- never had any political career before taking power
- never participated in any real competitive elections
- has spent a quarter century in power and intends to keep it until his very death
- is about to enter his 5th presidential term next year
- had his alcoholic buddy pretending to be a president for 4 years only to give the office back as ordered
- has literally all of his political rivals either murdered, expelled abroad, or jailed for up to 25 years
- has an absolute state monopoly and propaganda machine serving his interests, with free media completely erased as a notion
- puts people in jail for up to 15 years for even saying the word "war" in the middle of the biggest European war since WWII that he unleashed
- labeled even his tiniest critics as "foreign agents" harassed by political police and brutally quelled the smallest protests
- shamelessly raped his country's constitution and simply lifted restrictions regarding the number of terms he can serve as the 'president'

... and this guy prohibits his propaganda mouthpieces from calling Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky a president and orders them to call him "the chief of the Kiev regime."

You know, Zelensky, who won the presidency in a brutally competitive campaign in a country that had had 4 presidents since Vladimir Putin took power in Russia last century.

You just can't make this up.'

- Illia Ponomarenko (Source, September 23, 2023)


ICC .. arrest warrants against Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova

(Ukraine needs ATACMs) - '..the Ukrainian campaign for Crimea.'

‘..don’t attempt to go to war. You wont like the results.’