Bazaarmodel - English version

Posted by ProjectC 
There was something bugging me. Translating from Dutch to English, while the book is four years old already and many things happened since. Mmm (musing now...) It must be more timeless. Companies come and go. But the essence of the Bazaarmodel remain important.

So I believe that I have decided stop maintaining the Dutch version. And focus completely on the English one instead. Which will be expanded. Lets see it it will get better than the Dutch version.

Well. What has happened the past year?

AtoBiz as a company is rolling along.

2Grid has started in August of 2006. AtoBiz started in 2005 by the way.

And Learning for All. We wait one a certain party. Keep you posted.

Everything is operating all within the Project C context.

...So the past decades of preparation is over. The time of action commences.


"Building Union among people not cooperation between states"
-- Jean Monnet