There is no death (but choice, experiences and creation)

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"It has been strongly impressed upon me for some years past to write an account of the ... experiences I have passed through in my investigation of the science of Spiritualism, In doing so I intend to confine myself to recording facts. I will describe the scenes I have witnessed with my own eyes, and repeat the words I have heard with my own ears, leaving the deduction to be drawn from them wholly to my readers. I have no ambition to start a theory nor to promulgate a doctrine ; above all things I have no desire to provoke an argument, I have had more than enough of arguments, philosophical, scientific, religious, and purely aggressive, to last a lifetime ; and were I called upon for my definition of the rest promised to the weary, I should reply—a place where every man may hold his own opinion, and no one is permitted to dispute it.

But though I am about to record a great many incidents that are so marvellous as to be almost incredible, I do not expect to be disbelieved, except by such as are capable of deception themselves. They—conscious of their own infirmity—invariably believe that other people must be telling lies..."

- Florence Marryat, There is no death - (page 5, pdf)

“It sounds strange, but ... I see Ronnie. At nighttime, if I wake up, I think Ronnie’s there, and I start to talk to him. It’s not important what I say. But the fact is, I do think he’s there. And I see him.”

- Nancy Reagan (Source) - (Ronald Reagan 'appears to Nancy', 2 June 2009)

Metaphysics is a crucial aspect of Project C and the Bazaarmodel itself. To be more specific; The Creator Unit idea has also it roots in Spiritualism, concerning the research of Sir Crookes. It was, besides the 'replicator' inspiration of Star Trek – Next Generation, the materialization phenomena of an entity which was for me a confirmation that materialization must be possible.

Its ‘entity, data and energy’ first. Matter second.


"... in fact extremely simple underlying rules - that might for example potentially be implemented directly at the level of atoms (Atom laser - J.) - are often all that is needed.


And indeed one of the things that emerges from this book is that traditional engineering has actually considered only a tiny and quite unrepresentative fraction of all the kinds of systems and processes that are in principle possible.


...it seems likely that a system could be set up in which just one or a few atoms would correspond to a cell in a system like a cellular automaton. And one thing this would mean is that doing computations would then translate almost directly into building actual physical structures out of atoms."

- Stephen Wolfram, A New Kind of Science, Page 11, 840 & 841

"The “productive forces” are not material. Production is a spiritual, intellectual, and ideological phenomenon. It is the method that man, directed by reason, employs for the best possible removal of uneasiness. What distinguishes our conditions from those of our ancestors who lived one thousand or twenty thousand years ago is not something material, but something spiritual. The material changes are the outcome of the spiritual changes."

- Ludwig von Mises (Quoted: Manifestation of the Mind)