'...overt and hidden subsidies for non-sustainable energy sources...'

Posted by ProjectC 
<blockquote>"By means of appropriate feed-in tariffs, solar power from deserts can be made competitive with immediate effect. These instruments have proved to be successful in Germany and Spain. The need for this kind support will be reduced or eliminated if subsidies for coal-fired and nuclear electricity are removed, if their environmental and hidden costs are fully internalised, and if the current upward trend in their costs continues into the future. Meanwhile, the cost of CSP is likely to fall with refinements in the technologies and economies of scale.


In any case, overt and hidden subsidies for non-sustainable energy sources have to be done away with, as they give incentives for damaging investments. Every year, about several hundred billion US dollars pass into subsidies for energy production from fossil or nuclear energy sources worldwide."
- Desertec Red Paper (pdf), Page 10</blockquote>